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If you’re considering immigrating to Finland and pursuing a seasonal work permit, it’s crucial to understand the intricate steps involved in the process. Seasonal work opportunities in Finland encompass a variety of permits, each with its own set of requirements and conditions. This guide will take you through the essentials of obtaining a seasonal work permit, the types of seasonal work available, and the eligibility criteria.

Immigrate to Finland

Types of Seasonal Work

Seasonal work in Finland spans across diverse industries, offering opportunities in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and tourism. Let’s delve into the specifics of each category:


This category involves tasks associated with farming, including planting and harvesting crops.


Horticultural work revolves around the cultivation and maintenance of plants.


Seasonal forestry work includes responsibilities such as logging and forest management.


Working within the tourism sector, whether as a tour guide or in related roles, can also qualify as seasonal work. For a comprehensive list of available jobs, please refer to the official job listings.

It’s important to note that the scope of seasonal work law in Finland extends to temporary agency work as well.

Family Members

If you hold a seasonal work residence permit in Finland, it’s essential to understand that your family members cannot obtain residence permits based on family ties.

Who Doesn’t Need a Seasonal Work Permit?

Not everyone requires a seasonal work permit in Finland. Here are instances where you may not need one:

Wild Strawberry Picking

If you are coming from a visa-exempt country to pick wild strawberries for a maximum of 90 days, and it’s not an official work arrangement, you do not need a seasonal work permit. However, if you decide to work under a labor contract, you will need to apply for a residence permit for an employed person (TTOL).

EU, EEA, and Swiss Citizens

Citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland can work in Finland without needing a residence permit. However, if your stay exceeds three months, you must register your residence accordingly. For British citizens, different rules apply based on your arrival date; please refer to the Brexit page for more information.

Who Can’t Obtain a Seasonal Work Permit?

Certain conditions may render you ineligible for a seasonal work permit in Finland:

Piece-Rate Workers

If you are employed on a piece-rate basis and lack an employment contract with a company operating in Finland, you cannot obtain a seasonal work permit.

Permanent EU, EEA, and Swiss Residents

If you hold permanent residency in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, you are not eligible for a seasonal work permit.

Posted Workers

Posted workers, under certain conditions, may not be granted a seasonal work permit.

Wild Berry Picking

Individuals arriving in Finland specifically for wild berry picking are not eligible for a seasonal work permit.

Indefinite-Term Employment Contracts

If you have an indefinite-term employment contract, you may not qualify for a seasonal work permit.

The specific type of permit required hinges on the duration of your intended employment.

Short-Term Workers (Less Than Three Months)

For those planning to work in Finland for less than three months, the following options apply:

Visa-Required Countries

If you are coming from a country whose citizens require a visa, you should apply for a seasonal work visa from a Finnish mission, such as an embassy or consulate.

Visa-Exempt Countries

If your home country is visa-exempt, you can apply for a seasonal work certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service. This certificate verifies your right to work. It’s important to ensure that you have sufficient visa-free days available for the entire duration of your certificate’s validity. It’s worth noting that the seasonal work certificate does not extend your visa-free stay in Finland.

Berry Picking

If your intention is to engage in berry picking, there are specific requirements to consider:

No Permit Required

If you plan to work in berry picking without an employment relationship, you do not need to apply for a permit. However, individuals coming from visa-required countries must obtain an entry visa from a Finnish mission.

Employment Relationship

If your berry picking work involves an employment relationship, you must apply for a residence permit for an employed person (TTOL).

Three to Six Months Workers

For those seeking employment lasting three to six months:

Seasonal Work Residence Permit

Apply for a seasonal work residence permit through the Finnish Immigration Service. The application process involves two stages. First, the Employment and Economic Development Office issues a partial decision. Subsequently, the Finnish Immigration Service processes the application and grants the relevant permit type based on the duration of your employment.

Adding a New Employer

If you wish to add a new employer to your existing seasonal work permit, you can submit an application for the adjustment.

Social Security and Healthcare

Seasonal workers must independently apply to the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela) for social security benefits and healthcare coverage. It’s important to note that municipal healthcare in Finland is not automatically accessible to seasonal workers. For comprehensive information regarding the rights of seasonal workers, consult Kela’s website.

Processing Seasonal Work Permit Applications

During the peak season for seasonal work, applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the start date of your employment also influences the timing of your decision. While waiting for your application to be processed, please exercise patience, as all seasonal work permit applications are considered urgent, and expedited processing is not available.

In-Demand Seasonal Professions in Finland 2023

As of 2023, the Finnish government has identified the following professions as highly in-demand for seasonal work:

  • Strawberry Picking
  • Dairy Cow Farming and Care
  • Pig Farming and Care
  • Fur Farm Work
  • Forest-related Work, including Forestry and Logging
  • Cone Collection for Seed Production
  • Housing or Restaurant Work provided that the company’s activities are seasonal
  • Working as a Tour Guide or Wilderness Guide
  • Ski Instructor

Conversely, the following professions do not fall under the category of seasonal work in Finland, according to the government’s decision:

  • Cone Collection for Ornamental Purposes
  • Gathering Berries and Wild Mushrooms
  • Building a New Pig Farm
  • Renovating a Barn
  • Renovating Seasonal Worker Housing
  • Work Related to Hunting and Fish Farming
  • Building Green Spaces and Landscape Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Work Related to the Food Industry

Where to Find Seasonal Work in Finland

To secure a seasonal work contract in Finland, you can explore various avenues, including online job search websites and direct communication with companies and employers in Finland. Here are some top websites to aid your job search:


In conclusion, obtaining a seasonal work permit in Finland involves several nuances and criteria depending on the nature and duration of your intended employment. Careful consideration of the requirements and timely application submissions are key to a successful seasonal work experience in this picturesque Scandinavian nation.

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